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to my precious..

i wanted to apologise for the way last night ended. i in no way intended for it to get so out of hand and for you to leave like that. i hate for either of us to storm off to bed angry or upset. you just really pissed me off by acting like such a jerk-off. and i am being nice here. you know i've been a bit of a moody bitch all day and that little incident just sparked irrationality in me. after i did it, i looked over and sighed because i sincerely did not wish to stomp all over your happiness in that way. i realise, my love, that i have a startling tendency to do that.

hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, and me in my heart to try and control my fiery temper. though i must say this was merely a taste of how much a tantrum queen i can be.. usually i have a lot more control and you cannot deny, for you know.

the moral of this story? BEG WHEN I TELL YOU TO, BITCH -grins-

love you, tree!

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