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to my precious..

i wanted to apologise for the way last night ended. i in no way intended for it to get so out of hand and for you to leave like that. i hate for either of us to storm off to bed angry or upset. you just really pissed me off by acting like such a jerk-off. and i am being nice here. you know i've been a bit of a moody bitch all day and that little incident just sparked irrationality in me. after i did it, i looked over and sighed because i sincerely did not wish to stomp all over your happiness in that way. i realise, my love, that i have a startling tendency to do that.

hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, and me in my heart to try and control my fiery temper. though i must say this was merely a taste of how much a tantrum queen i can be.. usually i have a lot more control and you cannot deny, for you know.

the moral of this story? BEG WHEN I TELL YOU TO, BITCH -grins-

love you, tree!

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What I do feel is that you need to get ahold of yourself.

Stop punching and hugging trees.

Talking to yourself.

Having these mood swings.

You dont want the help from me, and I think a year of trying has been long enough to alert me to this fact. Why time and time again you just felt like you could just walk all over me and expect me to "understand" and be happy about it.

You asked yourself why its so hard to talk to me anyone when you need help. I think its because I exposed a part of myself to you, and you killed it. You crushed it. Destroyed it. And now it feels nothing when, and why nothing is said or heard.